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Our Heroes Have Fear Too

July 04, 2016

This film was created in vintage form to express the notion that our heroes, seemingly invincible and intrepid, have fears equal to those of their audience. It is also a reminder to those who doubt their paths, that in order to overcome some of life's greatest challenges, we must do what we love, everyday. Otherwise the walls will become insurmountable and the pain unbearable. With love, fear is overcome, courage is earned and greatness is achieved. Video compilation, audio and original song by Taylor Kinahan (tailor x taylor).

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Ilona Art School: Self-taught, Self-made

March 27, 2016

Kids need more control over their educations. They need to fully decide their direction in life based on what their hearts' truly desire. There is currently too much noise about what the "right" profession is and what we should do in life -- according to our parents. This is all confusing, distracting information, so much so that no one really knows who they are or what they want to be anymore. Then parents grow up, and lie to themselves saying that they are happy; or that they had to do what they did for the sake of raising money and a family. That is called an excuse. There is no one right profession. There is nothing you HAVE to do. Forget being a doctor or a lawyer....

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Trust in the Process

March 20, 2016

If you were to commission Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America's foremost architects, to erect a skyscraper, do you think he would just run to the site, without a blueprint and begin throwing together steal beams? Of course not. Then why do some people assume that is how art is created? I understand that after seeing Jean-Michel Basquiat's work, one may deem "abstract" art as nonsensical, meaningless, and uncalculated. But that's not the case. Even Jean-Michel had a plan. It was exact, and it was precise in all of it's chaotic glory. The color balance, the line width, the white space were all designed to make you feel something. Even if that feeling was confusion, distaste, or contempt. It was still a feeling that you haven't felt before.  Each artist has...

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