Matt Digiacomo (Creative Profile)

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Name: Matt Digiacomo

Age: 25

Location: Los Angeles

Instagram: mattyboy90

What do you create?

I make art, art on canvas, art on jackets,art on everything.


Cause its all i know how to do.

What makes you different?

My characters, they’re mine no one else has them.

Most inspirational human to you right now?

No one in particular, any young kid out there thats trying to make a name for themselves knows times are hard. Art is the hardest thing to get noticed or value from, so if your making it with that, i give it up.

What do you believe in?

Fast art, Fast fashion, when i say that is for me its a thought. With the clothing that i do its all hand done so if i lose that thought i lose my intent, and the process is fucked. So i stay true to fast dedicated refined art, that i don’t let slip away with time.

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Matt Digiacomo artwork ilona usa


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