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Name: Roger Nahum

Age: 25

Location: Chapel Hill, NC

What do you create?

Problems, mainly. Other than that, the past couple of years have been dedicated to creating a mismatched sock company by the name of SWAP Socks. 

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Creating is life. I have a strong appreciation for clever people with clever ideas— people who want to make their world more unique, while making the world a better place to live for everyone. I want to be one of those people. Taking something that’s usually overlooked, making it better, and turning it into a statement that benefits the world. That’s what we’re doing with this company. There’s a function in the way that we create and design. There’s a function in the way we operate. Purpose and Function are very important. 

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What makes you different?

I've taken a lot of risks. Probably too many. I think there’s a time and place for everything in this world. But if you don’t take risks, or calculated leaps of faith, rarely will you find those times and places lining up in a synergistic way. It’s easy to have one but to be happy, you need both or you’ll be stuck. I don’t want to get stuck. I hate the idea of being stuck. Create, shake, and move...until that place and time collide to create the perfect world. I’m looking for that. That may be a little different. 

Most inspirational human to you right now?

Right now, and I think forever, my peers are who inspire me.

1) George Yamazawa. He’s my homie from elementary school. If i’m having a crappy morning, I’ll throw on some of his work. He’s an amazing, award-winning poet and a filthy emcee. His work is very grounding, and so so powerful. Check out it here.

2) Gabe Barker. I saw him grind his way through the ovens in SF and come back home to Chapel Hill to start his own shop. Have you seen Pizza MercatoPizza Mercato is going to be a staple in the whole Piedmont region of NC for years to come. I can’t even get a reservation and it’s been open for like a week. You heard it here. A real force to be reckon’d with. Inspiration at it’s finest.

But one time for my all time inspirational human: Andre Agassi. Agassi can claim credit for redefining on-court style. He pushed buttons, man. The guy wore pink spandex and black jorts to Wimbledon. Too beast.

What do you believe in?

Positivity. Providing value. Doing things with substance. I only really started to truly believe this over the past few years, though. It comes with time. I used to waste a lot of time. But time is so precious. It’s the one thing in this world that you can’t get back. 

Starting a company from scratch helped me reveal the idea of true values. And your values directly affect your beliefs. Life is exactly what you make it. My father used to tell me this in a pretty abstract way by never letting me have video games. He’d always say, “life is the best video game you could ever ask for” You know how much that would piss off a little kid? I thought it was really stupid, but today I realize he’s kinda right. Nothing is more dynamic than life. As you grow as a human, we begin navigate through life and separate ourselves by a subset of values. These values create your identity. On one end, there are more conservative and comfortable paths and then there are chances. I believe that the type of chances you’re willing to take really define who you are. Ya know, who are you when your back is against the wall? I believe in taking chances. Good chances. A lot of them.

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