The Next Frontier (Poem)

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Journey into infinity

Know no limits and treat time with the ultimate respect

Miracles are everywhere, but genius is found in consistency

We are the people of the sun

For whom we rise and fall for everyday like clockwork

We have no agency outside of what the planets want for us

Our fate was decided for us long ago until we decided against that plan

What we are, where we are going, we still do not know

Putting one foot in front of the other, consciously

Seeing that movement and telling ourselves that we are the owners of our own destiny, to an undeniable degree

That we know, and for that we are grateful

Move or be moved, run or be ran, build or be built upon

Humans need order to alleviate fear

The unknown is scary, the known is scarce

That is all we know

Our dream is to be autonomous, but our reality is being owned

By our parents. By our teachers. By our coaches. By our mentors. By our bosses. By our friends. By our lovers. By our fans. By our government

By everyone

We are the new slaves

But always remember one thing

Do not deny yourself of your deepest desires for the gratification of others

The next frontier is a personal journey

It is a sacred one

Focusing on humanity, peace, love, patience, and harmony

Be yourself

Be respectful

Taylor Kinahan
Taylor Kinahan


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