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If you were to commission Frank Lloyd Wright, one of America's foremost architects, to erect a skyscraper, do you think he would just run to the site, without a blueprint and begin throwing together steal beams? Of course not. Then why do some people assume that is how art is created? I understand that after seeing Jean-Michel Basquiat's work, one may deem "abstract" art as nonsensical, meaningless, and uncalculated. But that's not the case. Even Jean-Michel had a plan. It was exact, and it was precise in all of it's chaotic glory. The color balance, the line width, the white space were all designed to make you feel something. Even if that feeling was confusion, distaste, or contempt. It was still a feeling that you haven't felt before. 

Each artist has a process. You, as the viewer, looks at the finished product, and can feel sheer amazement because what you did not see were steps 1 through 1,000. Each incremental brush stroke -- easy in nature and possible by all who attempt -- amazingly culminates into a harmonious, powerful, and moving image depicting life from a unique perspective. The most basic of all minds can grasp and execute each individual step in building the Empire State Building or painting the Mona Lisa, but the difference between the basic minds and William F. Lamb and Leonard de Vinci, is that basic minds don't trust in the process; they believe in magic, not mechanics. You must learn, execute, and perfect the long and dreary process of constructing greatness if you wish to be proud of your work and fascinate the imaginations of others. Each step is simple, the hard part is having supreme patience and attention. 

Taylor Kinahan
Taylor Kinahan


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