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Kids need more control over their educations. They need to fully decide their direction in life based on what their hearts' truly desire. There is currently too much noise about what the "right" profession is and what we should do in life -- according to our parents. This is all confusing, distracting information, so much so that no one really knows who they are or what they want to be anymore. Then parents grow up, and lie to themselves saying that they are happy; or that they had to do what they did for the sake of raising money and a family. That is called an excuse. There is no one right profession. There is nothing you HAVE to do. Forget being a doctor or a lawyer. The right profession is the one that you love doing. The one that makes you truly excited to wake up every morning. Doing what you love will also undoubtedly bring you financial and emotional fulfillment. It's the hardest question in the world, but: what do you truly LOVE doing everyday. Really think about it. Then do it. Who cares if you're scared. Just do it. Kids -- listen to yourselves. Parents -- listen to your kids; you don't know everything. 

Taylor Kinahan
Taylor Kinahan


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